Big Rig Wreck Shuts Down Most 405 Freeway Lanes

Breaking news: The 405 Freeway was the scene of a three vehicle accident that also involved a tractor trailer truck, which closed most of the northbound lanes in Sherman Oaks.

The multi-vehicle collision occurred at approximately 5:30 p.m. in the northbound lanes during the height of rush hour at the 101 Freeway. The crash caused the large truck to jack-knife in the roadway, after the collision with the three other vehicles. The big rig spilled diesel fuel in the northbound lanes of the 405 Freeway, reports said.

According to authorities one person was injured in the multi-vehicle crash and transported to an area hospital. Authorities issued a Sig-alert while crews are cleaning up the accident scene, which backed traffic up for miles in the north and southbound lanes of the freeway.

In Conclusion: Any collision on the 405 Freeway can be serious, but when a tractor trailer is involved, the size and weight of the truck can make the collision much more dangerous for the people that are in passenger vehicles.

This truck crash resulted in just one person being transported to the hospital, however there is no information on how seriously injured the individual was. The fact that the big rig jack-knifed also put the truck driver at risk of being injured and will take time for cleanup crews to clean up the diesel fuel the truck spilled. Typically, in these cases, there are much higher insurance coverages to account for the additional risks presented by the steel beasts.

Often, the trucker’s injuries, at fault or not, are referred to workman’s compensation, so the trucker may need five (5) attorneys as follows:

  1. Criminal defense attorney;
  2. Plaintiff’s personal injury attorney;
  3. Defense Personal Injury Attorney;
  4. Work Comp Attorney;
  5. Administrative law Attorney.

Most of these are obvious as far as potentially coming into play. But administrative law often is the most important, DMV, and even federal DOT boards may wish to suspend licenses based upon draconian agency regs, that may or may not be Constitutional. Thus, a trucker who stands accused, must assure himself that his lawyer is a specialist, or greatly polished in the nuances, substantive and procedural demands of agency promulgated law.

These types of cases, are no joke, and whoever is at fault for the wreck, could be liable for money damages and even do time in jail, or face a suspended commercial license, or licenses to conduct intra and interstate commerce.


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