Big Rig Trucking Accidents in the U.S.

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What is the Most Shocking News?

Many of you have seen the news reports of shocking accidents involving large commercial vehicles such as big rigs. With trucking accidents on the rise the last several years, the federal, state and local governments, as well as truck manufacturers, have recognized that semis result in a large portion of fatal traffic accidents on our freeways, roadways and highways in America and throughout the states.

States and the U.S. federal branch have drafted legislation and codes specifically related to large trucks. Many of the laws put a cap on how many hours a trucker can remain at the wheel with no rest. In almost all states, the weight of trailer loads is highly regulated and fines for towing too heavy a load are substantial.

An Attorney Helps Determine Who is At Fault for these Catastrophes

Often, when these regulations are broken, deadly tractor trailer incidents occur. We work with trucking specialists, such as accident re-constructionists and other qualified experts, so we can evaluate the cause of the injury causing event, and determine fault, or violations of statutes and regulations. Accident avoidance is key to staying safe.

Commercial Trucks Are Not Safe Enough Despite the Precautions

Most government agencies enforce their laws, thereby making trucking less dangerous to passengers vehicles and pedestrians. Ultimately, these laws also help to increase trucking safety and create a vehicle of big rig truck safety training, such as tailgate safety meetings for commercial trucking companies. Be that as it may, there are at least 2,000,000 trucks registered to drive on American roads, ultimately increasing the risk of a serious truck related event that hurts them.

Wrecks often occur when the truck drivers are in a rush to get their loads delivered. Usually there is a date certain that must be complied with, or the trucking company may have to pay a late delivery penalty! This obviously creates a situation where profits are more important than people. If a trucker risks blowing a tight deadline, he will stay up all night and day, take drugs (sometimes illegal drugs like methamphetamine) not take his required breaks, and drive at a high rate of speed. Voilla, you have a truck collision.

Truck accidents can lead to spinal cord injuries, friction burns, crushed bones and broken bones, and traumatic brain injuries. This category includes wrongful death by a big rig truck. Scheduling and delivery issues are just some of the problems associated with trucks. Some trucks haul explosives, poisons, gasoline, and just about any other nuclear, biological or chemical hazard you could imagine. Some trucks carry heavy loads, or wide loads. Being tired compounds these problems by destroying reaction times. Statistics indicate that big rig trucks are responsible for at least 1 for about 9 roadway collisions and accidents. As discussed above, over 90% of those accidents happened because the passengers of small cars were seriously injured or killed by a big rig truck.

Typical Examples Causes and Effects of a Trucking Accident Are:

  • Rush delivery deadlines put unreasonable demands on truckers to get goods delivered fast
  • Exhaustion of truck operators from long drives and lack of sleep
  • Driver Stress and resulting inattention
  • Inherent difficulties in noticing small objects when you are operating a big rig truck
  • Lack of driving lane space cushion inherent in big rig trucks and causes cars to get wiped out
  • Defective parts on a big rig can cause catastrophic loss.
  • Exceeding maximum load for the truck, laws and the particular highway

Above were a few examples. But these were not an exclusive list of truck related problems causing truck accidents by any stretch of the imagination. Obviously, there are the more commonly known mishaps which occurred through common negligence principles under Code Civ. Pro. Sec. 1714. As discussed, it could be a toxic chemical spill such as chlorine gas. This is a major shipping created hazard of dangerous cargo. These toxic spills could include a gas truck explosion. It could melt a hole in the freeway and cause serious burns and death and spread deadly, toxic smoke clouds to other users on freeways and highways and residents who live next to highways and freeways throughout the U.S.

Getting Help From a Lawyer

If you were injured in a truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation for you mental and physical pain and suffering. Ehline Law Firm PC is especially skilled in big rig truck accident law claims, like a Long Beach truck accident (click here.) If you were injured in a trucking accident not your own fault, such as death of a family member, deglove injury, gas burns, or other death by truck accident, you should locate experienced legal counsel right away. Could be lack of proper repair by a faulty repair station, a bad part, could be a toxic spill. It is important you call a truck accident lawyer right away and preserve your claims.

Get justice and compensation for harm or injury resulting from a negligent trucking wreck. Most lawyers offer free legal advice. Usually this includes free legal advice with a law firm. So, even if you are unsure as to whether you have grounds to make a claim it is well worth contacting a lawyer to determine whether or not you have a viable case as it may cost you nothing to do this.

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